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However, prosecuting attorneys cannot request the same of the defense. This request may be part of an omnibus motion, motion in limine, or similar motion. Bill of Particulars. In General Procedure for Making a Demand Responding to a Demand Objecting to a Demand Failure to Respond to a Demand.

In General. A Demand for a Bill of Particulars is a list of written questions from one party to another asking for details (particulars) about a claim or defense. The bill of particulars shall be served by mailing the original to the Court where the action is pending, along with a statement certifying how and when the bill of particulars was served on the defendant, and by mailing a copy to the defendant or the defendant’s attorney of record.

defendant xxxx, ’s motion for a bill of particulars Defendant XXXX, hereby moves this Court, pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 7(f) to require the government to file a Bill of Particulars setting.

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